Ming Sushi and Steakhouse, located along a thriving commercial street in New Bedford, is a neighborhood favorite that offers delicious and authentic Japanese cuisine.

Our simple and classic Japanese designcreates a unique atmosphere that blends bothtraditional and modern details. This atmosphere serves as the perfect backdrop in which to enjoy any of our skillfully prepared dishes.

Our menu touches on all parts of Japanese cuisine, including teriyaki, sushi, hibachi, and more. Every dish is carefully seasoned and prepared to bring out the most authentic Japanese flavors.

Our sushi menu is a particular favoriteamong our guests. Our talented sushi chef makes every plate into a work of art. Every piece of sushi is carefully selected and prepared to ensure that only the best quality ingredients make it onto your plate. Our sushi menu ranges from the classics that you know and love to our chef’s specials that showcase a high level of culinary creativity.

Another highlight of our restaurant is our hibachi grill, where guests can enjoy the thrilling talents of our hibachi master. It is both a show of skill and precision, as well as a time-honored cooking technique that all can enjoy.

Our All You Can Eat lunch and dinner specials give you the freedom to sample a wide selection of our offerings. Pay a set price and enjoy as much as you would like.

What Makes Ming Sushi and Steakhouse Different?

Freshest Ingredients

We use only the best and freshest ingredients in all of our dishes, which contributes to a first-class taste that you won’t soon forget.


Our online ordering system makes it easy and convenient for you to put in anorder for pickup or delivery, no matter where you are.

Friendly Staff

Our friendly waitstaff is here to answer all of your questions and help you navigate the menu and find something you will truly enjoy.

Here at Ming Sushi and Steakhouse, we are proud to serve our local community and look forward to welcoming you as our guest.