Custom Restaurant Apps

Stand Out and Grow Your Revenue With DevourNow’s Custom APPs

With your custom App
from DevourNow

Reduce the expensive fees and commissions associated with 3rd party delivery Apps.


DevourNows custom Restaurant Apps, helps you increase sales by being in your customers phone and back pocket. With a custom Restaurant app with ordering, your customers will order more often, and the average order value will increase.

Streamline your
ordering channels

DevourNows custom Restaurant App, consolidates your earned ordering channel directly to you own tablet for easy processing of your orders. Mobile ordering also helps to eliminates lines, wait-times and delays in order processing.

Reduce your
monthly expenses

With your own restaurant app, you can reduce reliance on other 3rd party Delivery Apps. Each order is commission free which adds dollars right to you bottom line,

Customer Loyalty

By encouraging your own customer to order directly from your own App, you maintain the relationship with your customer and stop driving to other ordering channels.

Accept and Manage Your Own Deliveries

DevourNows delivery management system allow you to add a delivery options to your App, and seamlessly Notifies your own drivers of a new order, navigates the driver to the customer address and update the status of the order upon delivery.

With your custom Driver App from DevourNow

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